How Many Times Connie Francis Been Married?

How Many Times Connie Francis Been Married?

Connie Francis has been married four times and was divorced from all four of her spouses as of 2015. Connie has one child, which she had with her third husband.

Connie was first married to Dick Kanellis. The couple married on August 15th, 1964 and divorced three months later on November 15th, 1964. This would turn out to be Connie's shortest marriage.

Connie married her second husband, Izzy Marion, on January 16th, 1971. Connie and Izzy were married for thirteen months. The couple divorced on February 14th, 1972.

Joseph Garzilli was Connie's third husband. Joseph and Connie had one child and were married for five years. They were married on September 16th, 1973 and were divorced on October 1st, 1978.

Connie married her fourth husband, Bob Parkinson, on June 27th, 1985. Their marriage lasted less than one year and the couple divorced on March 31st, 1986.