How Many Original Statues Did Frederic Remington Produce?

Frederic Remington sculpted 22 statues used to create molds for bronze casting. The foundry destroyed all of the original casts upon the death of Remington’s wife, Eva, in 1918.

Beginning in 1895, Frederic Remington worked with the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Company of New York to sand cast the first four of his sculptures. Remington moved his bronze-casting business to the Roman Bronze Works in 1900 and began using the lost-wax casting method. The Rough Riders so admired the first sculpture, “The Bronco Buster,” they purchased one of the original casts as a gift for Theodore Roosevelt. When Roosevelt became president, he displayed the statue in the Oval Office. As of 2015, President Barack Obama also displays “The Bronco Buster” in the Oval Office; however, it is a later cast.