How Many Movies Has Adam Sandler Made?


As of 2015, Adam Sandler has made 47 movies. Some of his films include "The Wedding Singer," "50 First Dates," "Reign Over Me," "Funny People" and "The Cobbler."

Adam Sandler is an American actor and comedian known for hit comedy movies such as "Airheads," "Billy Madison" and "Happy Gilmore." He first appeared on film in 1989 as a hapless young comedian in "Going Overboard." After that he took small parts in "Shakes the Clown" and "Coneheads." He capped a string of successful movies in the 1990s with "The Waterboy" and "Big Daddy," his two highest-grossing films. In the 2000s he made hits with "The Longest Yard," "Anger Management" and "Mr. Deeds" and earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in 2002 for "Punch-Drunk Love."