How Many Different "Tarzan" Films Are There?

As of May 2014, about 48 different types of "Tarzan" films exist. The first film became public in 1918, and the last "Tarzan" movie came out in 2005. "Tarzan" films are available both as live action and animated films.

The first two "Tarzan" movies were silent films; however, the "Tarzan the Tiger" film became the first "Tarzan" movie with audio. The 1998 film "Tarzan of the Apes" became the first animated version of the story, and a Disney-produced animated version named "Tarzan" came out the same year. After 1998, there were no new live-action versions of the movie until the filming of the 3D live-action version of Alexander Skarsgård's "Tarzan." The movie's scheduled release date is July 1, 2016.