How Many Books Has Robyn Carr Written?

Bestselling romance author Robyn Carr has written 57 books. Of these, 32 are series books: three in the Grace Valley books, 20 Virgin River novels and five set in Thunder Point. One is a non-fiction book about writing, five are story anthologies and the rest are stand-alone novels.

Although most of Carr's novels fall within the romance genre, they are stories of friendship and community as well. Some are historical, while some include mystery and suspense; many touch on women's and other social issues.

Her Virgin River series, starting with the novel of the same name, took her to the bestseller lists. Set in a tiny mountain town in northern California, the series begins with the town languishing when a wealthy older resident recruits a midwife for the elderly town doctor. Melinda, recently widowed, comes to start life anew. The promised cabin is almost unliveable, and the doctor doesn't want her help. She intends to leave in the morning, but then a baby appears on a doorstep needing her nurse-midwife skills.

Jack runs a tavern with his friend Preacher as cook. The two ex-Marines have made the bar the central meeting point in the town. Jack is there to show Melinda the town and find help fixing up the cabin.

With each book in the series, another part of the town comes back to life. It is a place of people who help one another, strong men who are usually military veterans and women who each bring something different to the town.