How Many Books Are There in Linda Castillo's Kate Burkholder Mystery Series?


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Linda Castillo's Kate Burkholder mystery series consists of seven full-length novels and two short e-books as of October 2015. The seventh book in the series, "After the Storm," came out in July 2015.

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In the first book, "Sworn to Silence," Kate Burkholder returns as Chief of Police to her Ohio hometown, where she had grown up in the Amish community. A series of murders there had caused her to break with the culture, but she is at peace with it until new murders force her to reveal a long-held secret.

In "After the Storm," Kate Burkholder must identify a corpse unearthed during a tornado. She soon realizes that the person was murdered and must delve into Amish family secrets while encountering problems that threaten her relationship with John Tomasetti.

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