How Many Books Has C.S. Lewis Written?

many-books-c-s-lewis-written Credit: Mike Blyth/CC-BY-2.0

Writer Clive Staples (C.S.) Lewis composed 74 books, including several essay collections published after his death. Lewis is best known for his fictional work, particularly "The Chronicles of Narnia," though most of Lewis' books are nonfiction works.

Lewis' first published work was a 1919 collection of poetry, entitled "Spirits in Bondage." He continued to publish poetry during the 1920s under the pseudonym Clive Hamilton before making his debut as a novelist in 1933 with "The Pilgrim's Regress." Lewis' output in the 1940s consisted mainly of nonfiction work centered on religion, most notably the book "The Case for Christianity" in 1942. The 1950s marked his return to fiction with the popular "Chronicles of Narnia" series. Lewis died in 1963 at age 64.