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In 2014, Mancow Muller went off the air in Chicago, citing his lengthy time on the air as the primary reason. Muller’s show was actually cancelled by WPWR-Channel 50, which sparked his decision to go on a temporary hiatus from radio.

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WPWR-Channel 50 employed Mancow Muller for only two years before it cancelled his show. In his last interview after the cancellation, Muller reminded audiences that he had been on air for 30 years without a break. At the time, Mancow had been airing both a radio show and a television show. Ratings for both shows declined and led to the cancellation. Citing this as the first moment in decades in which he was off the air, Mancow retired from the public Chicago scene.

Speculation by TV Spy suggested that Mancow was actually preparing a return to the public eye in the form of a new television show, which would justify the length of time Mancow was taking to return to public performance. Muller never confirmed this himself. Although the television show never materialized, Mancow Muller did return to Chicago radio in 2015. He actually spent only four months on hiatus before returning, this time to classic rock station, 97.9 The Loop.

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