How Do I Make a Wire Tree Sculpture?

How Do I Make a Wire Tree Sculpture?

Create a wire tree sculpture by twisting the wires into shape and adding customizing details. The project takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on customization, and requires a ball of wire, wire cutters, pliers and gloves.

  1. Cut the wires

    Use wire cutters to cut pieces between 8 to 14 inches long. Cut around 20 pieces of slightly varying lengths.

  2. Form the trunk

    Group the wires together. While wearing gloves, hold the wires slightly off-center, and twist the middle several times clockwise. If you are using thick wire, use two sets of pliers for this step.

  3. Separate the top and bottom

    Separate the wires into bundles on each end of the trunk. The shorter wires represent the roots, while the longer wires represent the branches. Secure each end with a length of wire twisted at the base.

  4. Form the branch bases

    Split one group of the longer wires away from the others at an approximately 45-degree angle. Twist them using the same method as used with the trunk, but counter-clockwise. Repeat this process with varying thicknesses of wires until all of the branch bases have been formed. Leave the top portion of each branch free.

  5. Form the branches

    Separate single wires from each branch base. Bend the wires away from the base to create branches. Vary the direction to give the tree an organic shape.

  6. Shape the roots

    With the shorter wires, repeat the process used for forming the branches to create the roots.

  7. Customize the tree

    Select a flat-bottomed rock that is proportional to the tree. Bend the roots around the rock so that it serves as the base. Wind fine wire around the end of a pencil and shape into a bird's nest. Glue tiny pearl beads inside as eggs, then glue the nest to one of the larger branch bases. Another option is gluing several beads on each individual wire to represent blossoms.