How Do You Make Simple Drawings of Bunny Rabbits?

How Do You Make Simple Drawings of Bunny Rabbits?

To draw a simple rabbit, reduce it to its most basic lines and shapes. Due to a rabbit's roundness, curves and arcs make up most of the drawing process.

Draw a large backwards "C" for the rabbit's rump. Draw a sideways "U" that connects at the bottom to the bottom of the rump, creating a hind foot. Add a small arc within the foot to show toes. To make the hind haunches, draw a large arc that connects to the top of the foot and extends diagonally up into the rump.

Add a small unconnected vertical arc to the right side of the drawing to form the rabbits chest. Draw the second foot by repeating the "U" and small arc. This "U" needs a wider mouth so that it connects the chest to the middle of the first foot. To draw the head, connect a "C" to the top of the chest. The top of the "C" needs to extend slightly further than the bottom.

Draw two straight lines that connect to the top of the head and extend upward at a diagonal to the right. Complete the ears by drawing a downward arc to connect the end of the first line to the middle of the second and an arc from the end of the second to just behind the head. Within the front ear, draw a rounded diamond shape that fills the majority of the ear. Draw an arc that connects the top of the rump to just above the base of the front ear.

Add a triangular nose and an almond shaped eye to the head. Fill in nose and eye, leaving one small circle in the eye to show reflection. For the tale, add a zigzag oval to the bottom of the rump.