How Do You Make a Rose Out of Text?

There are several variations of a rose that can be sent through text. The most common is a long stem rose. Regardless of which rose is created, the one element that is essential for any rose to be sent in text is the "@" symbol.

  1. Prepare your electronic device

    Whether it is your cell phone or computer of choice, open the program that you wish to send the rose from. A text rose can be sent from any electronic device with a keyboard that has basic text symbols.

  2. Type the "@" sign

    Find the "@" symbol on your device. When you locate it, press it once. This symbol acts as the head of the rose.

  3. Find the minus sign

    Find the minus sign, and press it two times. The minus signs form the stem of the rose.

  4. Find the inequality signs

    After you find the inequality signs, press the greater than sign one time. This sign portrays the set of leaves coming off of the stem.

  5. Add three minus signs

    Finish your rose by adding an additional three minus signs. These minus signs act as the rose's long stem. Your rose is now complete, and it looks like this: "@-->---".