How Do I Make a Reindeer Mask Template?

How Do I Make a Reindeer Mask Template?

Creating a reindeer mask template is both easy and fun. It takes only approximately 10 minutes. Materials needed include a paper, pencil and a marker.

  1. Determine the complexity of the template

    Before you begin creating the reindeer mask template, you need to determine how complex the mask will be. The younger the intended crafter is, the simpler the template needs to be. A good rule of thumb is keep the number of components less than or equal to the crafter’s age. For example, a 6 year old’s template can include up to six components. Beyond that number and there’s a good chance the child may have difficulty completing the mask.

  2. Sketch out the needed components

    Once you’ve determined the complexity, place your piece of paper on a flat surface. Using the pencil, outline the components of the mask. Various components can include two antlers, two eyes, two ears, a nose (typically a red circle) and a mouth.

  3. Darken the outline

    Once you are satisfied with the shape, size and variety of your components, use the marker to darken the shapes drawn with the pencil. This is done so that making copies of your template is easier.

  4. Make a copy of the template

    Place your template on the copy machine and make a single copy. Use standard paper as this will be used as a test. When you actually create your reindeer mask, construction paper is recommended as it is more resilient.