How Do You Make Reading Fun for Kids?


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To make reading fun for children, read every day, designate a reading space, let the child choose the book and change the reading voice to suit different characters. Research shows that reading to children improves their performance in reading, listening and writing.

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Read with the child for a few minutes every day to create a routine and give the child something to look forward to each day. This also helps to instill the importance of daily reading and creates a healthy reading culture from an early age.

A designated reading area helps to make the reading time more special. Reading area ideas include a pile of pillows or specific chair. Letting the child choose what book to read helps to make him to feel important and captures his interest from the very beginning. A good tip is to visit the library regularly with the child and allow him to choose books that capture his interests.

Finally, read in a slow, steady voice without rushing. Change the voice’s inflection for each character to bring the characters to life and make the storytelling experience more lively. Begin with discussing the cover and have the child guess what the books is about and the characters that are likely to be in the book.

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