How Do You Make a Rat Costume?

A rat or mouse costume is simple to make and can be put together in under an hour. To make a rat costume, you need a gray shirt or sweatshirt, gray pants, pink felt, gray felt, a gray headband or hood, a long pink sock, quilt batting, a hot glue gun, a black eye pencil, scissors and safety pins.

  1. Construct the ears

    Cut out two circular pieces of gray felt for the ears. Cut out two smaller circles of pink felt, and glue them in the center of the gray felt circles. Glue the ears to the hood or headband.

  2. Make the tail

    Stuff a long pink sock with quilt batting, and safety pin one end of it to the seat of a pair of gray pants.

  3. Attach the belly

    Cut out a large circle of pink felt to look like a rat's belly. Glue or safety pin the large felt circle to the front of a gray shirt or sweatshirt.

  4. Put on costume and accessories

    Put on the pants, shirt and ears. Wear gray or black accessories with the costume, like gray gloves and black sneakers.

  5. Put on makeup

    Using a black eye pencil, draw a black circle on the tip of the nose. Draw three whiskers on each cheek.