How Do I Make a Pyramid Out of Clay?

How Do I Make a Pyramid Out of Clay?

To make a pyramid out of clay, trim and score a clay block into a pyramid, dry it, apply texturizer, and paint the pyramid. This project days several days. The supplies you need are modeling clay, Styrofoam trays, a knife, a toothpick, modeling paint, texturizer and artist's brushes.

  1. Trim and score the pyramid

    Place a square block of modeling clay on a clean Styrofoam tray. Use a knife to remove the upper corners of the block, and shape it into a four-sided pyramid. Score the sides with a toothpick to create the appearance of stone blocks.

  2. Dry the clay

    Set the tray in a safe place, and let the pyramid dry for several days.

  3. Apply texturizer and paint

    Set the tray on your work surface. Pour equal parts yellow tempera paint and modeling texturizer onto a clean Styrofoam tray, and mix the liquids with a brush. Cover the pyramid in the paint mixture, and let it dry for several hours. Discard the Styrofoam paint tray, and rinse the brush.

  4. Apply additional texturizer

    Examine the painted pyramid to verify that it is dry. Pour a small amount of texturizer onto the Styrofoam tray, and brush it over the pyramid. Let it dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, and then display the pyramid.