How Do You Make Prints From an Original Painting?

To copy a painting, scan it, edit the file in a photo-editing program, then print it yourself. You can also send the file to a professional printer.

  1. Scan the artwork

    Scan the painting at 300 dpi or higher. If you would like to make larger prints, increase the resolution to 600 dpi or higher. Higher resolutions require a lot of processing power, which may not be possible on a basic home computer. If the original painting is larger than a standard scanner or you need a very high resolution, bring the painting to your local print and copy shop. If the painting cannot easily be scanned or moved, use a digital camera with a tripod and lighting kit to take a picture of the painting.

  2. Edit the scanned image

    Review the file in a photo-editing program. Remove any blemishes or scratches. Adjust the color and contrast to match the original. Straighten the image, and crop it as needed.

  3. Print the file

    Print the image at home, if your printer meets your desired size and quality standards. If you are selling prints or need larger images, send the edited file to a local or online print shop that can provide you with a number of different paper and ink options. A professional printer can produce high-quality prints that last for years.