How Do You Make a Printable Certificate?


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To make a printable certificate, find a certificate template in a word processing software or slide presentation software. In the page settings, add a border around the certificate, or insert one using the editing tools provided by the software.

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Design a border based on the border of the sample certificate you found to create an authentic look. When you choose a template, choose one with a color scheme in the border that is similar to those in the organizations logo. Another option is to choose a color scheme that corresponds to the season of the ceremony, such as greens and reds for a December ceremony.

Once the certificate has a border, add the company's logo or seal at the top. If you have both, place the logo at the top and the seal at the bottom by the signatures. Enter a bold certificate title at 20 or 24 point font, such as "Certificate of Completion." The title is centered across the top and occasionally arched in a downward-facing half circle. The body of the text is often written in a Gothic style or similar font, and the lines of the body start under the certificate title.

Start with a line such as "Presented to," and create a blank space for the recipient's name. Give a reason for the award, such as "for successfully completing Safety Training." Include a line for the date the certificate is to be presented and the signatory's name under a space designated for the signature. Print the certificate and add a seal, the date and a signature.

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