How Do You Make a Preschool Newsletter?


Preschool newsletters are a way to alert parents of upcoming events, to share news regarding the preschool and to inform parents of any special activities that took place in the classroom, and to share personal milestones reached by the students. Writing a preschool newsletter takes attention to both the information contained in it and the template used to produce it.

Gathering the necessary information is the first step to creating a preschool newsletter. How often the newsletter is distributed will determine how much there is to share with parents and how long the newsletter will be. Hard news, like staff turnover or anything to do with the facilities themselves, such as repairs or room changes, can be addressed in the newsletter. Reminders of upcoming holidays, half days or closings are typically included. Supplies students need for special activities or "wish lists" for the classroom can be listed. Parents can be asked to contribute a small column or columns from a parent's or their children's perspective. Newsletters can inform parents of what their children have been doing in the classroom, what skills they have mastered and what is planned for the upcoming interval between newsletters.

Preschool newsletter templates can be found online and can be personalized to include the name and address of the program, the teacher and the date.