How Do You Make Paper Mache Sculptures?


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Create a paper mache sculpture by using a frame, such as with chicken wire or a balloon, and then use a paste of 2 1/2 cups of flour and 3 cups of water to dip strips of newspaper into, and begin layering them to create the sculpture. Each layer requires some time to dry so the next sticks properly.

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Use a clear work station with all the supplies ready and on-hand when creating paper mache, and pick out a set of clothing just for the task that won't get harmed by the mess. This work space is occupied for a span of days because all of the layers that a paper mache sculpture needs in order to be completed must dry in stages. Use patterns that cross each other in different directions when layering the newspaper to strengthen the sculpture. For projects done in a very humid climate, glue or less water in the paste helps to make up for the ambient moisture.

Varnish or acrylic spray helps seal up finished sculptures after the paint dries, protecting the paint from chipping or changing colors too easily. If you desire a more natural texture, use brown paper towels applied as the last layer.

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