How Do You Make Your Own TV Antenna?


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In order to make a TV antenna you need one pine board, 12-gauge copper wire, heat shrink tubing, wood screws, fender washers, a screwdriver and an impedance matching transformer. The board should be 32 inches long and 4 inches wide.

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First take eight copper wires that are each 17 inches long and bend them until the ends are separated by 3 inches. Partially fasten screws and washers into the board 5 inches apart from one another on one side of the board, starting 1 inch down from the top. Place four of the eight copper wires around these screws. Then do the same on the other side of the board with the other four copper wires. In the middle of the board between the second and third screws, partially fasten two more screws and washers for the transformer.

Take one 34-inch copper wire and connect it to the top left screw and then to the second, third and fourth screws on the right and to the bottom left screw. Then repeat this process with the other 34-inch wire for the remaining screws. Attach the transformer to the third screw on the left and the third screw on the right. Finish by fastening all the screws to the board.

Finally, wrap tape around the two 34-inch wires where they intersect with one another, and put heat shrink tubing around all 16 ends of the eight copper wires.

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