How Do You Make Your Own Tri-Fold Brochure Template for Free?

There are several free programs available for creating a tri-fold brochure, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. The basic process involves choosing a template from the available programs and editing the brochure in landscape view.

Once you have selected a brochure template in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you can customize the brochure to suit your needs. Using your mouse cursor, select the text boxes, and delete the filler text in each one. You can alter the color of a specific object or text box, or modify the color scheme for the whole document if desired. This option is available through the Format pull-down menu, along with many other editing options.

Most templates let you switch out pictures at will. Simply select the picture you wish to change, and choose Insert. Select Picture and then From File, and use the formatting tools on the picture to adjust its size. In Google Docs, you can also select a picture from Google Drive.

Making a tri-fold brochure from scratch saves time and money and allows more control of its customization. Once you create the brochure on your computer, you can begin producing the brochures using a double-sided printer and high-quality cardstock.