How Do You Make Your Own Superhero?

How Do You Make Your Own Superhero?

How Do You Make Your Own Superhero?

Unique superheroes can be created online at websites such as Marvel, Hasbro and The Hero Factory. Users can name their superheroes after customizing features, costumes and powers.

The Hasbro website offers a free interactive superhero creator for users to mix and match favorite Marvel superheroes to create a unique superhero. The steps below show how to use the superhero masher.

  1. Choose a head
  2. Select a head from the options given by clicking the up and down arrows on the screen. The head that is selected is displayed on the character.

  3. Choose a chest
  4. Select a chest for the superhero, such as a Spider-Man or Iron Man chest.

  5. Choose arms
  6. Select from arms such as the Incredible Hulk's big green fist or Captain America's arm holding a powerful shield. Each arm can be different, offering up double the available power for the hero.

  7. Choose thighs
  8. Select from various Marvel superheroes thighs, choosing one for each side.

  9. Choose legs
  10. The last step to completing the superhero is to select the legs from the available options.

  11. Click "POW"
  12. When the user clicks the "POW" button, the superhero comes to life and the toys needed to create the mash-up superhero are offered on screen.

The Marvel website allows users to mix and match various Marvel superheroes by selecting hero packs, or they can customize them using a variety of features available on the site.