How Do You Make Your Own Stick Animation?


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Make a stick figure animation by taking a series of pictures of the desired stick figure or figures changing position little by little, and play them in rapid succession. Do this by creating stick figures in paint or another graphic design program and then editing the photos in sequence as a .gif file or a video.

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The first step is drawing the requisite pictures to play in rapid succession, giving the appearance of movement. Use a graphical design program, such as Microsoft Paint, which comes with all versions of the Windows operating system, or by drawing pictures by hand and uploading them via scanner or photograph.

After that, open Windows Movie Maker and click "import media". Later editions of Windows do not have Windows Media Maker preinstalled but still support the program. Choose all the pictures intended for the animation, and drag and arrange them in the order desired as frames in the video. Click and drag to adjust the duration of each frame. The duration of each frame is how long the animation will display that one picture before moving onto the next so the duration is short for the sake of creating an animation. Finally, click the "publish movie" button, and retrieve the video file.

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