How Do You Make Your Own Signs?


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Using a word processing program on the computer is one way to make a sign at home. This process involves selecting the appropriate text size and font as well as using contrasting colors and concise language to direct customers.

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How Do You Make Your Own Signs?
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To make a sign using Microsoft Word, start by selecting the proper orientation and page margins for the sign. Next, create a background color by using the rectangle tool and filling it in. Color is an important aspect in the message of the sign.

The standard size regulations for text on signs is 1 inch of text height for every 25 feet of clear viewing distance. The 72 point font in Word is about 1 inch in height. Signs that are posted in areas with poor lighting or other poor conditions may require a larger text size.

To create a text content area within the background, draw another rectangle and fill it in with white. Make this rectangle slightly smaller than the background to create a border effect.

Use only one or two fonts that are easy to read. When using a dark background color, it is recommended to use fonts with thicker lines. Using the TextBox tool makes it easier to move the font around the template. Write the fewest number of words possible, and edit them carefully for mistakes and innuendo.

Clip art and other images may be added to the sign. Make sure all images are relevant to the purpose of the sign. After looking over the design and text, print the sign.

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