How Do You Make Your Own Poster?

How Do You Make Your Own Poster?

To make your own poster, start by gathering needed supplies. Add color and text to your poster by drawing, painting or gluing on embellishments to make a design. This process works well for posters for school, work, church, charitable organizations and any other situation in which a creative sign is needed.

  1. Gather all necessary supplies

    Begin making your poster by gathering all necessary supplies. This can include paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and any other type of art supplies. Embellishments including stickers, chipboard and printed scrapbook paper can also be used. Make sure you have something large to put the design on, such as poster board or a large sheet of paper.

  2. Layout your poster design

    Decide what you want to put on your poster. This can be lettering, a drawing or something completely different. Use a pencil to roughly sketch what you want each section to look like directly onto the poster board or large sheet of paper.

  3. Add color and/or embellishments to the poster

    Next, add color and/or embellishments to your poster. Use markers, glue, crayons or whatever else you would like to give the poster a finished look.

  4. Finish up

    Let any paint or glue used in creating the poster dry fully. Erase any stray pencil marks leftover from the layout step. Enjoy your new creation.