How Do You Make Your Own Free Music Beats and Instrumentals?


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Create beats and instrumental tracks using free software such as Linux Multimedia Studio, Temper and DarkWave Studio. These free programs offer a wide range of tools to create, program and sequence digital audio.

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LMMS is complex, powerful MIDI sequencer and composer available for both Windows and Linux. The program features a range of digital instruments and effects, and it supports a wide variety of formats, including WAV and OGG. The program’s interface is not the most intuitive, but LMMS boasts a large user community online, and tutorial materials and forums are easy to find. The software may be too complex for less experienced users, but those who have worked with digital audio composition before may find its versatility appealing.

Temper is another free MIDI sequencer, composer and recorder. The program offers a user-friendly interface with plenty of built-in sounds and instrument voices to help musicians begin composing quickly. Temper also boasts a range of virtual studio plugins and effects, and it offers both a comprehensive online user manual and a technical support and tips forum.

DarkWave studio is a unique program that serves as a host, sequencer and recording studio for virtual studio plugins. While it doesn’t come with many built-in sounds, users can load any number of plugins and effects into the program, and DarkWave’s minimal interface allows for easy manipulation and sequencing of sounds.

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