How Do You Make Your Own ID Badges?

How Do You Make Your Own ID Badges?

Create identification badges using one of the many free online software application available for this purpose, such as the Badge Maker from Big Huge Labs. Another site, Easy ID Card, allows the design of free ID cards to saved or sent to their company for professional printing.

  1. Find the Badge Maker
  2. Go to the Big Huge Labs website and scroll down the main page. Click on the link to the "Badge Maker" program.

  3. Upload a photograph
  4. Upload an image for the ID badge using the "Choose a photo" option at the top of the page. Upload photos from a computer, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox. To upload from other sites, enter the account login information for the site in question.

  5. Fill in the ID information
  6. Select the "Style" of badge from the drop-down menu, including name badge, photo badge and Flickr badges. Select the desired color of the trim. Enter in the header and footer titles and the name of the individual for whom the ID badge is intended. Fill in the main text for the badge, like job position and duties.

  7. Download and print the badge
  8. Click on the "Create" button. On the next page, review the badge and click on the "Download" button. Print the badge out on a home printer. Cut it out of the paper, and seal in self-sealing laminating paper for added durability.