How Do You Make Your Own Comic Book?


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Chose a theme or storyline for the comic. Practice drawing the main characters and objects that are going to appear. Take care to make every character physically different. Draw out thumbnails first outlining each with pencil then with pen. Once thumbnails are complete piece each page together.

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How Do You Make Your Own Comic Book?
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A time line is helpful to keep each thumbnail organized, in addition know how many pages the comic is going to include. Once each thumbnail is finished carefully, cut them out and place on individual pages of the comic. When an outline has been made, write the desired text. Text is not necessary for every thumbnail that is used. After thumbnails are placed and preliminary writing done, sketching can begin.

Do not move onto consecutive pages until each page layout is set as needed. Once the layout is complete each area should be outlined with pen. Chose to either write all text in by hand or place a typed version over all original information. Before making any writing permanent ensure that all text is free of spelling and grammar errors. When the comic is finished a title needs to be chosen. It is suggested to write down a few words related to the comic as a means to brainstorm what title fits the storyline, according to Marvel.com.

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