How Do You Make Infographics?

How Do You Make Infographics?

To make infographics, research the facts, find and customize a template, and share it once completed. If you have the design skills, you can also build the infographics from scratch in a design program.

  1. Research the information

    Research is the key to creating helpful and interesting infographics. A good infographic has accurate and useful information. Use credible sources, and cite them at the bottom of the infographic. Tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. Keep it simple, and avoid distracting the viewer with tangential information.

  2. Find and customize a template

    A number of websites exist that are solely dedicated to infographic templates. Find a template with a layout that represents your information and tells your story. A good template does not require much modification, but be sure to find one that allows you to make any necessary customizations. In an organized and logical manner, add the data to the template. Insert arrows to help direct the viewer's eye and control the flow of information.

  3. Share the information

    Once completed, add the infographics to a presentation slide show, or upload them to your blog. Infographics are popular on social media websites, so feel free to share with your followers.