How Do You Make a Hairy Buffalo?

To make a punch bowl of hairy buffalo, mix together one fifth each of gin, high-proof rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey with cut-up fruit and two cans of fruit punch. MC's Dugout, a restaurant in St. Cloud, Minn., claims to be the home of the hairy buffalo. Their recipe replaces the fruit punch with orange juice and grenadine.

  1. Pour the liquor

    Find a punch bowl large enough to hold several fifths of alcohol. Pour one fifth each of gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey into the punch bowl. Any rum is sufficient, but because this drink is meant to be potent, 151-proof rum is preferable.

  2. Cut up fruit

    Slice fruit into round slices. Any fruit is fine, but oranges and lemons are popular in a hairy buffalo. Try tropical fruits such as pineapple for more exotic flavors. Add the cut fruit to the punch.

  3. Add the fruit punch

    Open two large cans of fruit punch. Add the contents to the punch bowl. Replace the fruit punch with an equal amount of orange juice and grenadine if you prefer.

  4. Add ice to the punch

    Float ice cubes in the punch bowl to chill the drink down. If you prefer not to water down the drink, set an ice bucket next to the punch bowl.

  5. Serve in cups

    Ladle out the punch into cups, and serve to guests.