How Do You Make a Graffiti Stencil?


To make a graffiti stencil, select an image that translates well in two contrasting colors, and then print it onto a sturdy material, such as cardstock or cardboard. If necessary print on regular paper, and glue it to the heavier material for durability. Finally, cut out the stencil design using an exacto knife, or similar sharp cutting utensil.

  1. Select an image

    Select an image for the stencil. Choose an image that can be reduced to just two tones. Use Photoshop or another image editing program to change the image to just black and white. Edit the image so that there are not any enclosed white spaces, also known as islands, because island fall away when you cut out the stencil.

  2. Print the image

    Print the image on a sturdy material. You may also glue or tape it on to a piece of cardstock or another sturdy material. The material you use depends on when and where you plan to use your stencil.

  3. Cut out the stencil

    Cut out all of the black part of the stencil. Place a cutting board underneath your stencil to avoid cutting into the surface underneath. You may use an Exacto knife, a Stanley knife, a boxcutter, razor blades or scissors to cut the stencil out. Exacto knives are the easiest to use for cutting stencils. Once the holes are cut out, the stencil is done, and you can use it to paint graffiti.