How Do You Make a Four Leaf Clover Template?

Making a four-leaf clover template takes only a few minutes. You need a piece of paper, a drawing utensil and a pair of scissors.

  1. Draw a circle

    Draw a large circle on a piece of paper by tracing a round object. Make the circle as large as you want the template to be.

  2. Draw the leaves

    At the top of the circle, draw a heart so that its point is at the center of the circle. This is the first leaf of the clover. The heart must take up one-fourth of the circle. Rotate the paper 90 degrees to the left, and draw a second heart beside the first heart. Make sure the point touches the point of the first heart. Repeat this process for the third and fourth hearts. The third heart should be directly across from the first heart with the fourth heart opposite the second heart. All the points should touch in the middle.

  3. Draw the center lines

    Draw lines in the center of the leaves. Start at the point of a heart, and sketch a curving line nearly splitting the leaf in half. Stop the line about three-fourths of the way through the leaf. Repeat this for each leaf.

  4. Draw the stem

    Between two of the hearts, draw a short stem of the clover.

  5. Cut out the template

    Cut the four-leaf clover out of the paper. Use this template to trace more clovers.