How do you make custom stickers online?


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Use a site such as StickerYou.com to make custom stickers online. The site allows users to design and order temporary tattoos, custom labels, decals and other types of stickers.

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Use the easy wizard on StickerYou.com to create custom stickers quickly and easily.

  1. Visit the home page
  2. Visit the Sticker You home page and click the blue "Create Now" button located near the top of the screen.

  3. Choose one or more designs
  4. Choose the same design on each page or more than one design on each page and click "Continue."

  5. Choose the type of sticker
  6. Choose the desired sticker type. Choices include "Blank Sticker Page," "Shape Labels" and "Stick-On Clothing Labels." Click "Proceed" after making a selection.

  7. Personalize
  8. Click on the "Personalize" tab in the middle of the screen.

  9. Choose images
  10. Choose an image for the sticker by dragging and dropping the image into the sticker template. Manipulate the image to make it the correct size.

  11. Add text
  12. Add text on the left side of the screen under "Add or Edit Text." Choose the font, and add text in the desired color.

  13. Click "Done"
  14. After designing the sticker, click "Done" above the sticker's image. Next, click "Checkout."

  15. Specify the quantity
  16. Specify the quantity and click "Continue."

  17. Sign in or sign up to continue
  18. Sign up for a Sticker You account to check out and complete the order.

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