How Do You Make a Cross Out of Palm?

To make a cross out of palm fronds, take one frond and fold it at a right angle, form a square at the back, then pull the left and top strips through to form a cross. Palm crosses are made for Palm Sunday, which is the Sunday before Easter in Christianity. The palms represent the palms people scattered in front of Jesus as he entered Jerusalem.

Use the following steps to make a cross out of palm. To make a typical-sized cross, use a palm frond that is a half-inch wide and between 18 and 24 inches long. Some churches also hold cross-making workshops during the week leading to Palm Sunday.

  1. Bend the frond
  2. Take one frond and hold it horizontally. Bend the right side up to form a right angle.

  3. Form the square
  4. Take the top strip and fold it at the center back, down, up and over to create a square.

  5. Bend the left strip
  6. Bend the left strip forward and over the center, and then pull it through the square in the back.

  7. Bend the top strip
  8. Bend the top strip forward and then through the square until it creates a shaft that is the desired length.

  9. Make the crossbar
  10. Fold the left strip back through the square to make a crossbar that is proportional to the shaft.

  11. Finish the cross
  12. Fold the right strip back through the square and fasten to finish.