How Do You Make Copper Garden Art?

How Do You Make Copper Garden Art?

Make copper art for your garden by using pieces of copper tubing, pipe, foil and wire. Making copper pipe wind chimes is an excellent way to begin this project. You need a copper pipe measuring 10 feet by 1/2 inches, a drill and thin bit, copper pipe cutter and two wooden disks, one 8 inches in diameter and the other 4 inches in diameter. You will also need an S hook and connector.

  1. Prepare your pipe

    Cut the pipe into seven pieces measuring 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches long. This will offer a nice range of musical notes and a cascading visual effect. Drill a small hole all the way through at one end of each pipe.

  2. Drill holes in the disks

    Drill a small hole directly in the middle of the smaller and larger disks. Drill seven equidistant holes just inside the edge of the larger disk. Also drill three equidistant holes halfway between the center and the edge of the large disk.

  3. String the pipes

    Pass a piece of the nylon cord through the holes at the ends of the pipes and the holes around the edge of the large disk. Secure the cord by knotting. Make sure the pipes hang at exactly the same distance from the disk. This is important for balance. Pass three longer pieces of nylon cord from the top of the large disk, and knot in place. String the smaller disk, and add the end to the three lose ones. Knot them to the S hook, and hang your chimes.