How Do You Make a Clay Mask?

How Do You Make a Clay Mask?

How Do You Make a Clay Mask?

Make a clay mask by tracing and cutting a face shape out of a clay slab and adding the appropriate facial features. The length of this project varies depending on the level of detail you add to the mask. You need paper, a pencil, clay, slip, scoring and texture tools, stain, a sponge, a knife, and a kiln.

  1. Create a template of the mask

    Decide how you want your mask to look. Draw the shape of the mask on a sheet of paper. Draw the features – two eyes, a nose and a mouth – on another sheet of paper. Cut the shapes out.

  2. Cut the clay

    Lay the template on a slab of clay. Use the knife to cut out the shapes.

  3. Score and texture the clay

    Score the underside of the facial features with a crosshatch pattern using scoring tools, such as plastic utensils. This enables you to attach the features to the face. Apply a layer of slip to the bottom of the features, and gently press it into place. Use texture tools to apply decorative designs and lines in the mask.

  4. Fire and stain the mask

    Place the mask in a kiln, and fire it until the clay hardens. Apply the stain using a sponge. Make sure that the stain gets into all the crevices and lines. Allow the stain to dry.