How Do You Make a Chalkboard Sign?

How Do You Make a Chalkboard Sign?

To build a chalkboard sign, cut, prime and sand a piece of plywood, apply chalkboard paint and add screw eyes to attach a piece of rope or string to hang it by. You can then hang your sign wherever you need it.

  1. Prepare a 1/2" X 2' X 4' piece of plywood

    Cut the plywood into two separate 1/2" X 2' X 2' sections and prime one of these sections. The other section is set aside for later use, as only one section is needed per chalkboard. Sand the primed section and wipe it down.

  2. Apply chalkboard paint

    With a four-inch roller, coat the entire primed section with three thin layers of chalkboard paint. The front, back and sides all need to be coated three times. Allow each coat to dry prior to applying the next coat. Drying times may vary depending on the brand of paint.

  3. Attach screw eyes

    To attach the screw eyes for hanging, pre-drill two holes in the top of the chalkboard sign, evenly spaced. Then, simply attach the screw eyes into the holes.

  4. Thread string, rope or a small chain

    Thread a tough string, thin rope, small chain or wire through the screw eyes. The chalkboard sign is ready to hang.