How Do You Make a Cartoon That Looks Like You?


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To create a cartoon that looks like you, consult caricature-drawing tutorials such as the ones available at TomRichmond.com or use a doll-maker game available on websites such as DollDivine.com. If you wish to draw the cartoon yourself, practicing caricature drawing lets you create an image of yourself that is both recognizable and cartoonish.

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Doll Divine offers a number of doll-making game themes, including hipsters, lolitas, folktales and fashion. These games allow you to customize a cartoon drawing by choosing elements such as skin color and hairstyle. Many doll-making games also allow you to choose appropriate clothing and add accessories such as hats, jewelry, glasses and pets. By creating a doll with characteristics similar to yours and taking a screen capture of the finished drawing, you can make and save a cartoon image that looks like you. You can then use that image as a profile picture or avatar on online forums and other websites.

Artist Tom Richmond offers detailed caricature tutorials that illustrate how to draw exaggerated and humorous portraits. Richmond covers a number of subjects in his tutorials, including head shapes, eyes, noses, mouths and the relationship between facial features. Richmond, whose caricature work has appeared in publications such as "MAD Magazine," also sells a book called "The Mad Art of Caricature" with more detailed instructions and tutorials.

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