How Do You Make Bunny Templates?

How Do You Make Bunny Templates?

The simplest bunny template to draw has three circles for the head, body and tail and two long, pointed ears. This makes a rear-view bunny. Color the bunny how you like, and maybe add a cotton ball for a fluffier tail. Front-view bunnies also need two half circles for the bottom legs and two flattened oval pieces for the front legs. Color in the face and whiskers or use materials such as pipe cleaners or buttons.

For side-view bunnies, the main body is a large oval, with the back end larger than the front. The head is pear-shaped, with the smaller end of the pear forming the mouth and nose. The ears are long and pointed. Use one or two ears.

The back leg has a round upper part to form the hip, which connects at a forward angle to a smaller rectangle with a rounded end for the foot. The front leg is a rectangle, smaller than the back, with a rounded end at a slight angle facing forward, forming the foot. Sometimes on a sitting rabbit you can see both front feet. If you wish, draw a small rectangle with a rounded end for the second foot.

Draw your template on regular paper for one-time use, or on something thicker, such as card stock, if you want to trace it several times. Quilt makers often do this to make sure each rabbit has the same shape, even if the colors are different.

If you aren't comfortable drawing your template, download and print it from websites such as This particular firm also has templates for coloring pages that have more detail. Another company,, has bunny templates for cookies.