How Do You Make a Blanket in "Minecraft"?


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Blankets cannot be crafted in "Minecraft;" however, a bed can be easily crafted, which does not need a blanket to function. Players can use beds to sleep during the night to avoid possible monster attacks.

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Beds are simple to make and do not require any tools, though they do require three wood planks and three wool. A players can use his fists to chop down wood from trees or wool from sheep. Using a crafting table, a bed requires the three wood blocks placed on the bottom row and the three wool blocks placed on the second row.

After sleeping in the Overworld, the player wakes up during sunlight when deadly monsters do not spawn. This is useful, because many players do not want play in the dangerous time of night. However, in the Nether and the End areas of the game, if the player tries to sleep on a bed, it explodes and may kill the player. Additionally, a player cannot sleep if a monster is too close. The player must kill the monster or wait for it to move farther away.

Most importantly, a bed acts as a spawn point for the player after dying. The original spawn point changes to the location of the bed.

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