How Do You Make Black Light Paint?

Create black light paint by adding a small amount of brightening agent to regular paint. Brightening agents are often sold as fabric brighteners or whiteners. Brightening detergents can also be used as a substitute for brightening agents.

  1. Create the brightener

    Add water to powdered brightener until the brightener dissolves. Stir the water into the brightener using a wooden stir stick. Liquid brighteners are also available and do not require mixing before adding them to the paint.

  2. Add the brightener

    Mix the liquefied brightener into the paint. Add one part brightener to every twenty parts paint and mix the two components with a wooden paint stick until there are no streaks showing in the paint.

  3. Test the paint

    Turn off all of the lights, and close any doors or windows to create a dark space. Turn on a black light and expose the paint to it; the paint should emit a fluorescent glow. If the glow is insufficient for its needed use, turn the lights in the room back on, and create more of the brightener. Add the additional brightener a small amount at a time, mixing the paint thoroughly before testing it again, until the paint emits the level of glow desired.