How Do You Make Anime Characters Online?


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PlayGamesGirls.com and Avachara have flash games that allow players to create anime characters online. DressUpGames.com has a flash-based creator that only allows users to make female characters. Users can choose a variety of features, including skin color, eye shapes, ear types, clothing, accessories and hair styles.

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The creator at PlayGamesGirls.com allows for many aspects of the face to be changed. Users can change the shape of the eyes, the color of the eyes, the size and position of the lips, the nose and many other features. The characters' gender, however, cannot be selected by the user. Created characters can be shared on social media when they are completed.

Avachara allows users to select the gender of their character. Players can also select many of the same features as other creators but with the addition of more accessories, pets and icons. The creator can save characters in a format designed for social media profile pictures when they are completed.

DressUpGames.com's creator only allows users to create female characters and has limited options. This creator, however, places the characters at a different angle and provides a larger display of the created character. Characters made here cannot be saved with a function of the creator.

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