How Do You Make Alphabet Stencils?

How Do You Make Alphabet Stencils?

To make alphabet stencils, type the letters. Tape each printed letter to clear acetate, and cut along the outline. Dispose of the excess, and repeat the process for each letter.

  1. Type the letters

    Type each letter in a word processing program. Pick the font and size of the letters. Print them on paper.

  2. Tape to acetate

    Tape the printed paper onto a cutting board. Then, tape a clear sheet of acetate over it.

  3. Cut along the outline

    Carefully cut the acetate sheet along the outline of the letter. Use a razor knife or a precision utility knife.

  4. Dispose of the excess

    Remove the tape, and throw away the paper and the trimmed acetate pieces. Smooth out any rough edges.

  5. Repeat the process

    Tape the next letter down. Repeat the process until all the letters are cut out.