What Major Newspapers Offer Sunday Jumble Puzzles?

Some of the major newspapers that offer Sunday jumble puzzles include The Houston Chronicle, The Seattle Times and the Chicago Tribune. These newspapers offer jumble puzzles in the paper and online. There are also numerous websites that offer free access to Sunday jumble puzzles.

The popular Sunday jumble puzzle, created by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek, combines interesting facts and creative word plays. The puzzles usually consist of three-word clues that players must unscramble in order to get the appropriate letters that spell out the main answer at the bottom of the puzzle. Jumbles are meant to be fun brain teasers that often use humor and word play in the puzzles. The puzzle usually includes a humorous cartoon-type scene.

For instance, one particular Jumble puzzle shows a scene with a politician who apparently chose to sleep in a tent the night before a big speech. As he wakes up, painfully clutching his back, he states that he will be sleeping in a hotel from then on. The main clue at the bottom of the puzzle said "The politician had never slept in a tent and was not used to...." The last two words of the sentence were unscrambled from letters found in the rest of the puzzle to reveal "camp pains." The answer is a fun play on the word "campaign."