What Major Characters Have Left "NCIS"?


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Special Agent Kate Todd, Special Agent Ziva David and Director Jenny Shepard are some major characters who have left "NCIS," as of 2015. Although appearing in only five episodes, Mike Franks was also a character with significant impact on the NCIS team.

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Sasha Alexander plays Special Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd in seasons one and two of the show. Formerly in the Secret Service, Kate engages in a running battle over boundaries with Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. Throughout her assignment, she struggles with the impact of getting close to subjects of investigations. After a terrorist kills Kate in the season two finale, Kate appears in several flashbacks.

Pablo de Cote portrays Special Agent Ziva David, a former Mossad agent replacing Kate Todd. Appearing in seasons three through 10, Ziva carries on the workplace skirmishes with Tony DiNozzo. She battles conflicting loyalties between her family in Mossad and her new colleagues in NCIS. Pablo de Cote pulled out of the series for personal reasons just before the start of season 11. After the announcement, fans sent thousands of paper clips to CBS based on Ziva's claim in season four that she has 18 ways to kill using that item.

Lauren Holly plays Jenny Shepard, the director of "NCIS," in seasons three through five. Throughout her tenure, the show hints at a former relationship with team leader Gibbs. Before her death in a gun battle, Director Shepard reveals she is dying from an unnamed disease.

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