What Major Cast Members Have Left "NCIS"?


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Some notable cast members who have left the television series "NCIS" include Special Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd, played by Sasha Alexander; former NCIS agent Mike Franks, played by Muse Watson; and Special Agent Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo.

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What Major Cast Members Have Left "NCIS"?
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The two female characters were team members whose departures had an emotional impact on the show, seen through the writing as frequent memory flashbacks, mentions and nods. The character Ari Haswari, played by Rudolph Martin, was in only nine episodes, but his entanglement with both female characters made him a major force in the show. He was half-brother to Ziva, who later killed him to save Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the show's main character, when Ari was about to kill Gibbs. Ari also killed Kate at the end of the second season. In a scene that mirrored Kate's death 10 seasons later, Diane Sterling, an ex-wife of both Gibbs and senior FBI Agent Tobias Fornell played by Melinda McGraw, was shot in the head, like Kate, in front of Gibbs.

Recurring character Jackson Gibbs, Jethro's father, played by Ralph Waite of "The Walton's" fame, died during the series and was the subject of a special episode for the season 11 finale called "Honor Thy Father." A full list of cast and characters is available on the NCIS page at IMDb.com.

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