Who Are the Main Characters in "The Sisterhood" Series?

Who Are the Main Characters in "The Sisterhood" Series?

Main characters in the "Sisterhood" series by Fern Michaels include Myra Rutledge, Nikki Quinn, Anne Ryland de Silva, Lizzie Fox Cricket and Kathryn Lucas. The series follows the Sisterhood, a group of vigilante women who seek justice through their own means.

Myra Rutledge is a wealthy woman in her 60s whose daughter, Barbara, died in a hit and run accident. The driver, a Chinese politician, escapes prosecution due to diplomatic immunity. Myra then decides to form the Sisterhood in the series' first book, "Weekend Warriors."

Nikki Quinn is an attorney who sees the flaws in the justice system. She is also Barbara's best friend and Myra's adopted daughter, which leads to her joining the Sisterhood.

Anne Ryland de Silva is Myra's childhood friend. She is extremely wealthy. Anne is also in her 60s and is intelligent.

Lizzie Fox Cricket is an attorney with an extensive list of connections that includes the President, who is her friend from law school. Lizzie is in her 30s.

Kathryn Lucas is a truck driver who has a nuclear engineering degree. She is Nikki's former client and the first woman whom the Sisterhood helps. The group helps Kathryn get revenge on three bikers who assaulted her in "Weekend Warriors."