Who Are the Main Characters in "The Open Window" by Saki?

The main characters in Saki's short story "The Open Window" are Framton Nuttel and Vera, the niece of Nuttel's neighbor Mrs. Sappleton. Nuttel is an eccentric hypochondriac who has moved to the country to avoid mental excitement. Vera is a self-possessed girl of 15 who has an overactive imagination.

In the story, Nuttel goes to meet Mrs. Sappleton at her home, but meets Vera instead. Vera makes up a story about how her aunt always leaves a particular window open, waiting for her husband, who died long ago on a hunting trip, to return with his spaniel and two hunting companions. Mr. Sappleton is actually alive and is hunting the very day Vera tells Nuttel the story. When the three men and the dog approach the house, Nuttel, thinking they are ghosts, runs away in horror.