How Do You Find the Mailing Addresses of Your Favorite Stars?

Find the mailing addresses of celebrities by searching on free celebrity address databases such as or, as well as signing up for paid celebrity address services such as, as of 2015. Some celebrities may also publish a fan mail address on their websites or their social media accounts.

Both and offer direct search functions that allow fans to enter the name of a celebrity and see a list of database matches, which may include other celebrities if the name is common or incomplete. Some sites may also display multiple entries for some celebrities, as they may feature multiple address for different purposes, such as a separate address for business inquiries. Celebrities often accept mail only through an agency or other form of official representation. These sites may also contain outdated or incorrect information, or they may lack addresses for certain celebrities.

Some paid address databases may offer more accurate information as well as connections to official channels for requesting meetings with the celebrities or their management. However, some sites may only claim to offer access and in fact contain the same information available in public databases. Some celebrities publish a physical mailing address for fan mail or autograph requests on their websites; this information may also be available through a management company or similar organization.