In Macbeth, What Does Hecate Want the Witches to Do?

In William Shakespeare's play "Macbeth," Hecate wants the witches to concoct magical spells and charms and to convene in hell for the next coming of Macbeth. Hecate chastises the three witches for neglecting to include her in the witches' affairs with Macbeth and demands reparations for their actions. While the witches are brewing their potions, Hecate uses a moon droplet to conjure illusions that will induce complacency in Macbeth and make him contemptible of fate and death, which will eventually lead to his defeat.

In Shakespeare's tragedy, Hecate is depicted as the goddess of witchcraft who played a key role in the death of Macbeth. However, a theory exists that Hecate's character was not originally penned by Shakespeare, but was only inserted without the consent of the play's author.